Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q: Why are your events experiential?
A: Good question. Adults learn best by experiencing truth. Since we forget 90% of what happens to us in life we need often experiential exercises to help us reconnect with our buried past.

Q: Are your events biblically based?
A: YES! Everything we do and teach is founded on the Bible. We will never do anything that violates biblical standards.

Q: So, does that mean only Christians can attend?
A: No, but since only God can heal, a person should be open to believing in God. Jesus healed nonbelievers, so do we. All our events are "seeker friendly."

Q: What things change through healing?
A: While we've seen physical healings of tumors, cancer and other physiological ailments, we focus on healing emotional pain. However, the body and soul are intricately related. At our retreats people have resolved issues related to depression, alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, schizophrenia, ADD and ADHD, anxiety attacks, agoraphobia, multiple personalities, ritual abuse, grief, divorce recovery, family and relationship issues, and just about any neuroses you can name. Healing affects everything.

Q: What methods do you use?
A: For 20 years I have pioneered and refined a remarkably effective technique I call the STEP Therapy: Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain. In small groups, we teach people to use their spiritual gifts and intuition through the Spirit to heal emotional pain. The pain can come from a broken heart, loss of a loved one or job, rejection, stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, or any variety of suffering.

Q: What do you mean by, "Don't treat the symptoms, heal the pain?"
A: Most therapy merely treats symptoms, usually with prescription drugs or counseling. Underneath all dis-ease is unhealed pain. When we uncover core primal pains and resolve them, symptoms (depression, weight issues, rage, etc.) often simply dissolve.

Q: What if someone is afraid to come to a retreat?
A: I was afraid of every retreat I attended. I feared nothing would happen or too much would happen. I was scared it would hurt or I would feel nothing; afraid I'd be embarrassed or just come away empty and worse off. All my fears were unfounded. The long term affect of not dealing with issues causes far more pain than facing them. Every retreat I attended helped me, most dramatically. I shudder to think where I would be had I not done the healing work I have. Nothing has improved my life more, nor paid higher dividends, in all ways. That's what motivated me to offer events for others.

Q: I don't think I can afford this now.
A: We all feel that way. We spend money on things, vacations and Christmas presents but neglect our very soul. The best investments I have ever made have been those that helped my own growth, development and healing. Nothing else has improved my quality of life more. Similar events can cost thousands of dollars. We keep our costs low, but if you are truly needy we will offer you a partial scholarship. We don't want anyone to miss out because of money.

Q: How can I co-sponsor events?
A: Glad you asked that. I will now go anywhere in the world to do an event. We can offer retreats for as few as 10 people, seminars for 25 or more. If you help arrange an event, you can attend for free. You may even be able to receive a financial bonus. Write us at for more info. Tell us about your group and what you hope to accomplish.

Q: How can I learn more about your events?
A: We have articles describing our Retreats and Seminars in detail. Email us at for a copy of them. Specify which event you want to know about.

Q: I see you have E books for sale. Can I get your books in print?
A: Some are in print, some aren’t. We soon hope to make them all available in print and audio tapes. Sign up for our free newsletter and you will receive updates on all our events and publications.

Q: What is your doctrinal position?
W: We believe in the Bible as authoritative for all of life. We also believe in the historic, Orthodox doctrines of the Christian Church. We also believe that our role is to learn how to love God above all else and our neighbors as ourselves. All the law is summed up in these two Great Commandments.

What are your Spiritual Growth and Healing Retreats Like?

"The Spirit has anointed me to heal the brokenhearted, liberate the wounded, and set the captives free".-Jesus

First letís address why our events are so powerful. Describing our events is like explaining a rainbow to a blind man. They are not like any other retreats you have ever attended. Our retreats are like a health spa for the soul. You wonít be lectured all day. Instead you experientially learn things and receive the tools that help you keep healing and growing for the rest of your life. All our events are based on biblical standards and values and use safely structured intimate small groups to enable you to openly explore your life and help others do the same.

Transformational Healing Retreat

This potent weekend teaches you to heal emotional pain. As you use your intuitive spiritual gifts to both give and receive healing, transformation comes as the spirit unlocks your healing doors.

Transformational Healing Seminar

This four night seminar for churches and counselors trains you to heal deep emotional pain. The spirits healing love gently transforms you. Churches so equipped often double in a year. One pastor said it changed his whole city.

Quantum LEAP Seminar

LEAP means that at this remarkable one-day seminar you will Learn and Experience Answers for your Pain. Learn why healing is essential for your faith and find the power to heal your pain.

Personal Growth Retreat

Emotional intelligence assists your success and happiness more than anything. This remarkable event starts in early childhood and then moves through your whole life leaving you a blueprint to make your future wonderful. You will transform your emotions, choices, relationships, intellect and more in marvelous new ways.

Becoming Childlike Retreat

Most problems start when we are children but it's never too late to give yourself a happy childhood. You will heal the forgotten traumas that rob you of freedom, joy, spontaneity and exuberance. As you heal you create a happier more joyful and healthier life.

Inner Journey Retreat

Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is within. The longest and scariest journey is the journey inward. Integrating the best insights from union psychology with biblical spiritual values you will explore dream work, active imagination and your shadow. You'll gain wonderful practical tools to mind your own inner treasure chest.


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