How Transformation Happens

How Does It Work?

Our core mission is to equip the church to heal and disciple the nations. This all begins with a transformational healing seminar in a local church. Approximately half the churches that have used our seminar have doubled in size in under a year. One church more than doubled in three months and the pastor said it changed their whole city.

Is it biblical?

How can this be? When I started doing these seminars I knew the results were astonishing but I also wanted to know if what we were doing was rooted in biblical truth. As I prayed about this I was led to Jeremiah chapter 30. In it the Lord promises to break the bondage of his people (verses 8-9). He then explains how he will do this. In verses 12 through 15 he says that his peopleís affliction is incurable and thatís what bound them up. He says the no medicines will help them. Isnít it amazing how relevant the Bible is? He then says he wounded them with the wound of an enemy because theyíre sins and iniquities have increased. Sin is falling short of Godís best but iniquities are intentional evil acts. We are seeing more of that today than perhaps in any time in the history of the world. He then promises in verse 17 that he will restore us to health and heal our wounds. In verses 18 through 22 he tells us that we will experience great and mighty benefits and promises in the wake of that healing. In verse 24 he ends by saying, ďin the latter days you will understand this.Ē I believe God is blessing this healing work because itís the fulfillment of a promise he made to prepare his church for the end times. When I was first doing these seminars I was not prepared to further train people to do what I do. I also didnít have the training resources fully developed to help them continue the healing work and train their people to make disciples. All of that is now in place. We will train your people and give them the tools to lead small groups that will bring them into healing and teach them how to make disciples.

BONUS! We even help you find the money

But it doesnít end there. For a limited time, an extremely successful unselfish friend of our work will come to your church and train the people for financial stewardship. He does this totally free. He brings in financial and legal professionals to help your people get their financial house in order. On average for every 50 people and couples who attend this seminar there are bequests to your church of over $1 million. Your people also learn the blessing of tithing. Itís about time. Currently only 3% of Christians tithe and because of that Satan is able to rob their resources and inhibit Godís kingdom from expanding throughout the earth.

While I am there, I will also meet with any business leaders, counselors or people who would like to be Certified Transformational Counselors and Spiritual Mentors.
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