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Letter of Reference for our Dear Brother Ken Unger:

I have worked with many Pastors and churches for many years, and helped generate Millions of dollars in Charitable Giving for them and our LORD`s work. I have known our Dear Brother Ken for several years and am Very impressed with the Value he generates in his Seminars, Retreats and writings. I have been personally touched by his stories and healings that I have read about.

I highly recommend allowing our Dear Brother Ken to serve you and your church, as he has served me and our Foundation.


John T. Carr
Founder, CEO & President
Charitable Giving Foundation



It is my privilege to submit to you my letter of recommendation of Ken Unger's Transformational Leadership Retreats. As a professional counselor, I attended some of Ken's seminars when he first began his ministry. I know how powerful they were at that time. My sense at that time was as a counselor, that what is accomplished in a retreat would take a year of counseling! Ken's work has been molded and shaped over the past 30 year...only to be perfected. With our culture experiencing such a loss of the Word and TRUTH of God's Word and godly principles, I believe it behooves all of us as pastors and leaders of the church to insist that our people learn how to work with survivors of abuse and trauma. Our children and teens are being led to the slaughter through our ungodly media. The Church's job is to train its people to be disciples of His Truth which brings healing. WE truly suffer from lack of knowledge in our country.

It is my hope that every church would invest in its leaders to give them the training they need to equip them to minister hope and healing to this generation. My pastors invested in my and sent me to Ken's seminars, before I became a counselor. Now, as a counselor, I have used those very techniques learned in his seminars to bring healing to hundreds of people through my own church, and thousands through our foreign missions.

If I can be of any further help, please let me know.

Sincerely Presented by Millie McCarty, M.A., LPCC-S: Founder and President of The Healing Tree Int'l. Training Centers and Int'l Institute for Abuse Counseling.

Rev. Millie McCarty, M.A., LPPC

Founder and Ex. Dir. Emeritus, Lighthouse Counseling Services

Founder & President, International Institute for Abuse Counseling; Author of : Pathways to Hope and Healing, Why We Canít ďJust Get Over ItĒ

National and International Trainer and Clinical Consultant

MISSION: Equipping an Army to Heal the Nations


Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Date: June 20, 2016

Pastors & Friends

It gives me privilege to recommend and tell you about my relationship with Ken Unger. My first contact with Ken Unger was during his time as an active person in my previous church, St. Peter's. Ken was always a biblically knowledgeable man with some unique gifting of his own. He's always had a desire to serve others. That desire linked with a God given gift of healing, has enabled Ken Unger to not only practice but teach the ministry of how the Holy Spirit leads people to pray for the sick and the needy! Ken has on record, a goodly number of people who are well, today because of the impact of his ministry. In addition, Ken Unger has authored a number of published books and manuscripts ready for publication.

I strongly recommend Ken Unger to anyone who might consider using Ken Unger for ministry in their area! For the sake of Christ and others.

Fr. Wayne Coombs


Loren Loving Vail
Attorney at Law
529 East Street Town , Columbus, OH 43215
Ph. 614.800.0998
Email: loren@oomg.org
June 24, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

I've known Ken Unger for many years. When I learned of his retreats, a friend and I attended. The retreat far exceeded my expectations. Not only did I experience tremendous spiritual growth and healing but at one of his retreats the Lord called me into ministry. I've since traveled throughout Europe and India ministering as a missionary of healing and intimacy with God. I even wrote a book linked to healing Christian music that a friend developed to help people experience His healing and Presence.

I can certainly testify that his work is Spirit led, biblical to the core and powerfully transformational. I'm blessed to learn that he's now helping to train others to expand this much needed healing work across the US and hopefully around the world. I recommend Ken and his work very highly and believe it will offer great benefits to your church and/or ministry.

On a personal note, I just reactivated my law license to represent children & women who are victims of the sex trade - human trafficking. My desire is to minister Christís healing to these horrifically broken hearts as I care for their legal needs. Ken's ministry started me in this direction.

Very sincerely,

Loren Loving Vail, LLD
Independent Healing Missionary to Italy and India


Recommendation of Ken Unger:

My name is Nicholas Pirovolos. For the past 42 years I have been the Executive Director of Inside Out Ministries in Cleveland, Ohio. I used to be known as "Nick the Greek". I have written an autobiographical book called, "Too Mean to Die", explaining my journey from inmate to Evangelist. Currently, I speak in prisons, churches, schools, businessmen's groups and rehab groups etc., presenting the transforming power of Jesus Christ; because i believe as Ken does we must be transformed by the renewing of our minds through Jesus Christ. I was in prison in Mansfield, Ohio when I first met Ken Unger in the 70's. Ken came to the prison on a regular basis to teach discipleship training to the inmates.

Ken has worked tirelessly for many years to develop a program that really helps people understand what real healing means for the individual and all those around him/her, and the community in which they live.

It is my pleasure to recommend Ken Unger and The Transformation Incorporated Project (TIP). As he says, transformation lasts forever!

Nicholas Pirovolos
Executive Director: Inside Out Ministries


Letter of Reference: Ken Unger

I've known Ken Unger for over 20 years and attended a number of his retreats over the years. They are based on scripture but he doesn't preach. I was raised around the charismatic renewal and saw a lot of healing things but his are unlike anything else I've ever experienced. He doesn't just talk about healing or do all the healing himself, he trained us to do it. I also attended the conference that Ken organized in Connecticut in October of 2007 and so many people were deeply touched and they then went back to their own churches to help others.

I was so touched by the healing and growth I received that I helped put together three more retreats in Ohio so others could attend. I eventually prevailed upon him to allow teenagers to attend. He agreed and I brought six of my children to a Transformational Healing Retreat. It was very powerful and healing for them.

I then ran a church sanctioned small group in my church for a few years that focused on Transformational Healing. We used Ken Ungerís book ďThe Ultimate BreakthroughĒ as our discussion/workbook for the group. I saw many people receive healing from an assortment of hurts and wounds in their lives including sexual/verbal abuse, divorce, depression, grief, and many other issues.

I am now a part time teaching assistant in my church. I use the method of Transformational Healing in the church home groups I lead and also in the 9-week seminars I lead for Divorce Recovery and for Blended Families. Our pastor and I hope to bring a Transformational Healing Seminar here in the near future. We have many people young and old who can benefit from it greatly. I recommend him to you most highly.

In Jesus,

David Hummer
Harvest Cleveland N.E. Church


June 24, 2016

As the chairperson of the Orange County Prescription Abuse Prevention Coalition (OCPAPC), I am writing to recommend Dr. Ken Unger as a remarkable lecturer for your churches, Christian businesses and treatment facilities.

I met Dr. Unger when I sought out his work with the Transformation Incorporated Project (TIP). His role in our Coalition would be to serve as an alternative healing source to add to our list of conventional physicians, pharmacists and treatment specialists in our multi-disciplinary collaborative. From that first meeting, Dr. Unger impressed me as a man of great clarity and vision regarding the future of behavioral health, substance abuse and treatment in this ever changing health field. I also realized that he is a man of character and conscience and his integrity has manifest over and over as a valuable speaker and human engineer.

Over the last few years, I have collaborated with Dr. Unger on some projects around the substance abuse issue. I am familiar with his work having led events from coast to coast and from Cleveland to the Bahamas. He is a dynamic member of the OCPAPC to which his knowledge of the value of faith based treatment has translated into presentational material we use with our faith based communities. Furthermore, Dr. Ungerís motivation to encourage the expanding role of the faith based healer in the current substance abuse and prevention arena is palpable.

I appreciate your time and consideration of Dr. Unger for your seminars and retreats. And I look forward to the great accomplishments your communityís will achieve with him at the podium.


Della Lisi Kerr; Orange County Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Coalition


Pastors and Leaders,

I highly recommend Kenís program. He has a heart for people and vast knowledge of the word. I have been involved with Ken for years listening to his spiritual outlook and interpretation of the word inspiring me to dig deeper to better understand the word of God. I would highly recommend Ken to any church needing spiritual nourishment and healing.

Don Roy
Bible Teacher
Beach Cities Church
Huntington Beach CA


Ken Unger made a huge difference in my life. He is one of those individuals who is loving, caring, and totally compassionate. He goes the extra mile when dealing with others. He is a true Christian who exemplifies what Christ wanted us to do with our lives. I went through a horrible lost period twenty some years ago, brought on by my own transgressions. That did not matter to Ken, he stepped in and loved me the way Christ asked us to do- hate the sin, love the sinner. I also attended several of his transformation sessions which, if a person allows him/her self to lower the barriers, can be make for a better person, a more complete person. I would trust Ken Unger with my life. I do not know words beyond that for describing and recommending this fine man to others.

Walt Conte
Lay Leader Painesville United Methodist Church



To whom it may concern:

I have known Ken Unger for 36 years. I first attended his church when I was newly married in 1980. I was inspired by Kenís preaching. It was intelligent, well researched and passionate. My husband and I were involved in his ministry for about 20 years and we helped him lead healing retreats and seminars in many places.

Ken has many gifts:

He writes and speaks well and is convincing. He has a kind and gentle spirit. He has a heart for healing both physical and mental illness. He has a well-grounded and spirit filled theology. Ken is a people person; he loves who God loves.

Ken most precious gift and quality is his ability to listen, hear and obey the voice of the living God. He has been anointed for this and like everyone else who has a calling he has struggled to live in this world while being not ďof ďit. Ken is as human and real as they come which makes him relatable.

I would not be anywhere in my Christian life without having been blessed by the ministry of Ken Unger. I have been personally healed by Christ because of his obedience to God and also because of his willingness to do the unpopular thing. I have witnessed him help many, many people follow Christ by teaching others how to hear Godís voice and receive from God and follow Godís work.

Elisabeth Brown
Counselor, US Military Suicide Prevention Hotline

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