New Paradigms

Counseling that Works

For years people have yearned to learn how to do what we do. Now they can. In two years part time and for the cost of a year in college they can be better trained and equipped than secular counselors who spend 12 years up to $500k for a doctorate; better trained to heal and deal with the spiritual issues and emotional pain that destroys people rather than just offering drugs and talk therapy that treat symptoms. Expensive secular treatments canít even mention God and without Him they fail 70% of the time.

Spiritual Mentoring

The greatest benefits of anything the Bible has to offer are found through wisdom. Wisdom is the art of living skillfully. King Solomon said ďAll things you desire cannot compare to herĒ (wisdom) - (Proverbs 3:15). He also said itís a major key to happiness (vs. 13) and that in her hand are riches, honor, length of days, peace, pleasant paths and even a tree of life (vss. 16-18), alluding to all the benefits we accrue when we receive our heartís desire (Pro. 13:12).

Wisdom promises to help us inherit great wealth but beyond that, it will also fill our treasuries with enduring wealth and fruit that exceeds the blessings of silver and gold (Proverbs 8:17-21). It even offers divine favor to those who find it.

Many of you have heard of THE SECRET, a film and book based on the Law of Attraction. Many people have tried it and failed to achieve their goals. Thatís because key information is lacking, most especially a spiritual connection and an accurate personal focus.

We train Spiritual Mentors to lead powerful organic discipleship groups and to offer spiritual mentoring to groups and individuals. Training for this is less extensive and even more inexpensive than transformational counseling. If every church had trained spiritual mentors running their small groups the impact would be astounding.

Humane Resource Professionals (HRPs)

Too often, HR people get bogged down in logistics and paperwork. Every corporation needs Humane Resource people. Existing HR people or others who want a profession that helps people within existing businesses can train to be Humane Resource professionals. This training goes beyond spiritual Mentoring but not as far as Transformational Counseling. Every corporation would benefit from having access to these professionals. You can either train to do this within a large corporation or as a private practice to resource smaller businesses. As with all of our training, the cost and time commitment is far less than traditional education and will give you tools you will never receive from academia.

For those who qualify and want to go forward in these programs we offer immediate financing to enable them to do that.

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