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Ken Unger The greatest benefits of anything the Bible has to offer are found through wisdom.

Wisdom can be defined as the art of living skillfully.

Solomon said “All things you desire cannot compare to her” (wisdom) - (Proverbs 3:15). He also said it’s a major key to happiness (vs. 13) and that in her hand are riches, honor, length of days, peace, pleasant paths and even a tree of life (vss 16-18), alluding to all the benefits we accrue when we receive our heart’s desire (Pro. 13:12).

Wisdom promises to help us inherit great wealth but beyond that, it will also fill our treasuries with enduring wealth and fruit that exceeds the blessings of silver and gold (Proverbs 8:17-21). It even offers divine favor to those who find it.

I was blessed to know a man who for many years helped me find true spiritual wisdom. His name was Warren Campbell and he was the most loving Christian example I have ever known. I worked with him from dawn to dusk for two years in the early 1970's and maintained a close friendship with him right up until the day he died a healthy, vital, gracious and exuberant man well into his 80's.

His generous deposit in me along with the wonderful opportunity to help disciple, mentor, counsel, train and even help heal an untold number of people since 1972, has given me a rich deposit of knowledge that helps people get to the core issues that can transform their lives in a very short period of time.

Many of you have heard of THE SECRET, a film and book based on the Law of Attraction. Many have tried it and fallen short of their goals because some key information is sorely lacking, most especially a spiritual connection and an accurate personal focus. I've been running a spiritual mentoring group for a year and each of us is experiencing amazing results. You can too. If you want help with this email me immediately. I'll set up a phone call where we can discuss your situation and answer any questions you have on spiritual mentoring. If we both feel it's a good fit I'll get you in on my program.

For now, before I get too busy with other projects, I want to make this wisdom available to a select handful of people. I currently have room for just a few more people. Make sure you include your phone number and the best time to talk, along with your time zone and city. Contact Us For More Information


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