What is STEP Therapy and Why Does it Work so Well?

Healing Doesn't Cost it Pays

For over 20 years, Ken Unger has pioneered STEP Therapy - Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain. As new as today yet rooted in as the first century, he used it with professional athletes, titans of industry, homemakers, punk rockers and even victims of satanic ritual abuse.

This potent new paradigm goes beyond cognitive therapy by using spiritual intuition coupled with biblical values, experiential methods, and the Spirit's gifting and power. Using longer sessions and fewer of them we get quicker ;less expensive results for a full range of psychological, spiritual and emotional needs by healing the root causes without resorting to debilitating drugs. STEP Therapy works for depression, anxiety, compulsions, phobias, relationship issues, rage, mid-life crisis and neurosis. In some instances, it has even worked successfully to resolve issues related to psychosis, bipolar and dissociative disorders. It is the closest thing to a panacea we've ever seen.

Why does it work? We have forgotten 90 percent of what's happened to us, so talk therapy can only treat ten percent of our problems. Drugs just treat symptoms. When people have an emotional problem, they need an emotional solution. Their soul needs doctoring. They have to go beyond self-help to self-healing. STEP helps them find peace without Prozac.

>Sessions can be done in person or on the phone. To arrange your free initial consultation please email Ken at KenRUnger@aol.com.

Besides STEP Therapy, we offer you many other resources to help you heal. Retreats are very cost effective. Each one is like getting many sessions with Ken Unger for the cost of two and hands-on experience giving and receiving healing. Almost everyone who attends receives substantial healing - a great leap forward in their healing journey, Counselors who have attended say our retreats are worth a year of therapy.


For individual STEP therapy we have inexpensive mini-suites available for your convenience. Heated pools, a sauna, Jacuzzis and gym are also right here for your comfort during free time. A few days of STEP Therapy could dramatically change the entire course of your life.

STEP Therapy is also available for local people. Because it is so effective, it costs a fraction of what most therapy costs. Many problems can be resolved in a few visits instead of years. Therapy seldom lasts longer than a few months, and is often done bi-weekly or monthly instead of weekly.

If you are not local and cannot afford a visit here, therapy is also available by phone. EMAIL KenRUnger@aol.com to arrange for a free 30 minute consultation.

Finally, Our EBooks are a very inexpensive way to advance your personal healing journey. Take time to check them out before you log off today. Upcoming Events.

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