Sunrise Retreats

Imagine if every church majored in love. Imagine if it saw its primary goal as teaching its people how to genuinely love. What if they also became hospitals for sinners instead of museums for saints; places where the broken could be healed, the hurting helped, and the oppressed set free to love in a genuine, dynamic, authentic way? You couldn’t build buildings large enough to house the masses that would want to attend.

That’s what our mission is all about: equipping the Church for two things: making authentic, scriptural disciple (learning how to love) and healing the hurts that make such love so painful and difficult.

If we’re to heal and disciple the nations, churches and individuals must be transformed. The first transformation we need? It’s so comprehensive Jesus called it a new birth. Sadly, many Christians haven’t experienced this. In the words of Henry Drummond we have offered people “justification without regeneration,” letting them live with the delusion that their life will change if only they believe the right doctrines. What people really need is authentic new life in Christ through a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit, before any meaningful transformation can begin. Using biblical experiential retreats, we train pastors and group leaders to create a community where people can learn and grow. We then provide the tools to help you double your church in a short time through making genuine disciples.

The second transformation we need is the one that heals the brokenness that keeps us from loving as we ought. The very name of Christ is pregnant with this insight. He was the Christ, the Messiah, the One who was anointed to heal our brokenness. Hurt people hurt people, but healed people can be used to heal them. With His healing, we can become healthy enough to drop our charade and love as courageously as Jesus did.

Our Spiritual Healing Retreats and Seminars help you see and experience this healing first hand. Our products enable you to train others for it as well.

Healing and discipleship, the transforming love the world really needs. Romance won’t do it for us, but this kind of reality will. And it’s that reality which we joyfully we offer you. 


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