A professional athlete and national sportscaster said "One of Ken’s Retreats did more for me than twenty years worth of sports psychologists."

Another one told him "If I could pay you what your help is worth, neither you nor your heirs would never ever have to work again."

Another, a successful businessman said "Ten minutes in a session with Ken gave me insights that three and half a years worth of therapy hadn't.”  Within a month, he consummated a business deal worth over five millions dollars. He said it would have been impossible apart from the self knowledge and healing he gained through Ken's work.

Comments from Recent Retreats (Names withheld for confidentiality)

"I've been in therapy for over 20 years. I've gone to every event I could find that promised healing. This did more for me
than anything I've ever done."   

"This was the most profound weekend of healing in my life.
Most events fill the head but do little for the healing of the
heart. I cannot say enough about this experience. I'm awed by the deep lasting changes I see in myself. So is my wife."

"God touched me on stuff I carried around for many years. This is something that can lead one to getting a grip on
things that have bound us for years."

"I have been in therapy for years and have not accomplished in all those years as much as I did this weekend. I felt feelings I didn't know were there. I felt safe. I didn't want to come to this retreat and now I don't want to leave."

"Thank you. Healing my soul has allowed me to hear the Lord's voice, and bring a peace and joy to my heart and
body." Upcoming Events.

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