Certified Transformational Counselors (CTCs)

Why doesnít Counseling Doesn't Work.

Traditional Counseling usually focuses on three things: cognitive (talk) therapy, behavior modification and prescription drugs. But our deepest problems are rooted in unhealed emotional pain. Until our brokenness is healed it's almost impossible to change. One other problem with secular therapy: God is excluded, and only God can heal. Thereís an adage in medicine that the physician sets the bone but God heals the break. The same is true for our inner brokenness.

Transformational Counselors are Wonderful Counselors

Transformational Counselors: What if all counselors were wonderful? What if they could truly heal and not just talk about it? What if they saw clients for three sessions instead of three years? Training takes just two years part time and costs less than a year in college. They will be better trained and equipped than secular ones; better trained to heal and deal with the spiritual issues and emotional pain that destroys people rather than just offering drugs, behavior modification and talk therapy that merely treat symptoms. Expensive secular treatments canít even mention God and without Him they fail 70% of the time.

Our founder developed a well-deserved reputation for helping impossible cases. In his practice over 40 people that no one could help changed their life; 17 credit him with saving their life. Three divorced couples remarried their mate and numerous other marriages were saved. Many hundreds have benefitted from his retreats and thousands from his teaching and Seminars. When people have emotional problems they need emotional solutions. We are spiritual beings so we need spiritual answers. His work has helped people of all races, religions and orientations all over the country.

Our work is quick, efficient and transformational. Through the Spirit we intuitively help people heal their hopelessly hidden long forgotten primal pain. And when you heal the pain people no longer need aspirin. Most of his clients only needed three to six sessionsí not endless years of emotional naval gazing. On one occasion Ken helped man get off heroin in three hours, on another an alcoholic was delivered from alcoholism in one session. On two occasions, homosexuals who sought his help had their orientation changed and became blissfully straight. At a retreat he helped a woman come out of psychosis in 45 minutes and another who had three multiple personalities integrate them into one whole person. If thereís a panacea this is it: emotional healing even works for people who have been in therapy for years. STEP Therapy, spiritual therapy for emotional pain is gentle yet powerful. Our new Paradigm for Counseling is far more effective than the 50 minute counseling hour. Itís also more rewarding for the therapists and keeps them from burning out while it serves the needs of the clients so well that it creates an ongoing referral network of satisfied clients.

Our retreats and seminars are even more efficient. Professional Counselors say they are worth a year of therapy for just the price of one session with Ken. That's why everywhere we lead a Transformational Healing event people ask us to teach them how to do what we do. You can become a Certified Transformational Counselor.

Secular counselors spend 12 years and up to $500k for a doctorate. In two years of part time study and training and for the cost of one year in college you can be better trained and equipped than psychiatrists and psychologists to heal and deal with the spiritual issues and emotional pain that destroys people. You will offer them far more than the talk therapy and drugs that mask their symptoms and have life threatening side effects. This also works for addiction treatment. Expensive secular programs cost on average $900 per day and canít even mention God. Without Him they fail 70% of the time. Spiritually-based programs and therapy are the only thing powerful enough to break the grip of addiction and compulsion. They can be done for a fraction of the cost.

Become a Peacemaker Ė a shalom maker Ė in the best sense of the word. Help people become peaceful, whole, prosperous and healthy, body, soul and spirit.

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