The Transformation Incorporated Project (TIP)

Transformation is so rare and precious that it invokes images of radical change; earthbound caterpillars become butterflies and soar. TIP trains Transformational Counselors and Church and Business Leaders to share life-changing Transformation with our hurting world. Information is good, but the use of books is endless and much study wearisome. Reformation is better, but most people have repented 100 times and have little faith that the hundred and first time will change anything. Motivation is exciting but even Zig Ziglar, the master of motivation, likens it to a shower that you need every day. Transformation totally changes us. It like an epiphany we experience at the deepest core of our being and have an intimate support group that empowers us to understand and integrate the changes.

Transformation Lasts Forever!

Why a business instead of a nonprofit?

The timing couldnít be better for TIP. Thereís an old adage that if we can bow the Church it will bend the world, and our world certainly needs transformation. Where sin abounds PAIN abounds. Thereís no such thing as a sin that didnít hurt anyone. Our societiesí pain, suffering and problems are unparalleled. Drug overdoses, opioid epidemics, military suicides and social lifestyle issues spawned needs so vast we need full time workers to train the counselors, churches and business leaders that need us. TIP will transform our world by training others to discover their purpose by helping hurting people heal and building healthy interpersonal relationship. When we heal their pain they wonít need the aspirin.

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