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The Church is the greatest vehicle for Transformation the world has ever known. Christianity is by far the largest religion on earth. One third of the population - over two billion people - has been Christianized. You can see just by looking at a globe that those nations with a Christian foundation are far more successful and prosperous than those who don't have that.

TIP to Equip

Our best days are ahead of us. Today's church can be a hospital for sinners instead of a museum for saints. Itís an essential part of Godís plan (please see Jeremiah 30). TIP can equip your church for that kind of powerful relevance by training your leaders to heal and Disciple.

Weíre here to help you succeed beyond your fondest dreams. One Transformational Seminar will give you the tools to:
• Heal your people;
• Grow your church;
• Find all the money you need to fulfill your sacred mission.

As you become a Transformational Church, we are here to serve you. Tip helps you:

• Equip and build your church organically. Shepherds donít produce sheep, sheep do. Your people will joyfully reach out to friends and loved ones.
• Help your members heal their deepest pain. Even your Ďproblem peopleí will have the tools to help themselves and others.
• Reduce your staffís counseling load.
• Train your people to heal and disciple others.
• For a limited time, we offer you an amazing Bonus: We have just 12 slots over the next 15 months. Our Associates help you raise millions of dollars for free!

Imagine the possibilities:
• Your church will become a school whose core curriculum is teaching love for God and others.
• Imagine when your members can heal like Jesus did, only better, just like He said true believers would do (John 14:12).
• Picture the crowds as your church transforms into a hospital for sinners instead of a museum for saints.

TIP equips them for all that and more.
• We train your leaders to heal the hurting and disciple the crowds who will want to experience that.
• Youíll get New Testament results as you use New Testament methods. Nothing is more relevant today.
• Jesus didnít just talk, He walked Godís walk: 40% of His ministry involved healing and deliverance. Yours will too.

Jesusí healing drew crowds and then His disciples transformed the world by teaching people to be like Him. Thousands have been equipped through our training; several churches doubled in size within a year of sponsoring our Transformational Seminar; one is now 500% bigger.

Our training and resources cause these benefits:
• Transformational Healing and Organic Church Growth.
• Godís people become healthy and free enough to learn how to love.
• His church grows and His kingdom reign expands.
• Best of all: it all doesnít depend on the pastoral staff.

How does all this happen? Loving with a broken heart is like running a race on a broken foot. This is why healing is so essential. It frees people up to love with a reckless abandon.

Healing produces other incredible benefits. Healthy sheep reproduce healthy sheep. When you heal peopleís pain everyone gains. Please read Jeremiah 30. It lucidly explains these matchless end time blessings and explains the basis for our extraordinary work and success.

• When sin abounds, pain abounds, and sin is rampant like never before.
•But Jesus was anointed to deal with all of this (Cf. Luke 4:16-18.) His very name, the name above all names - Jesus the Christ Ė means He saves us, heals our brokenness and frees us from our debilitating sins.
• Jeremiah poignantly predicted that no medicine can heal our broken heart.
• Thatís why God promised to heal our pain in the latter days.

The God of the Bible is the only deity in any major religion who promises to heal all our dis-eases (Psalm 103). When He does this, His people receive unparalleled rewards and His kingdom expands like never before. As God works for and through His people the things youíve yearned to see happen will spontaneously manifest in your midst even beyond what youíve hoped and dreamed (Ephesians 3:20). This isnít too good to be true; itís true because God is so good, all the time.

• Your church will more completely fulfill its own Great Commission.
• When people look at your congregation they will see love.
• Itís contagious in a great way: Discipleship is better caught than taught.
• Instead of bringing people to church so the pastor can preach to them, your own people will joyfully bring your church to them.
• Once they are healed and freed from their shackles, they will enthusiastically share Godís love.
• Their lives will radiate the manifold blessings of biblical obedience.

More good news: no more ĎGraham Effectí! Billy Graham led great crusades but he only retained 2% of his converts. Late in life he said if he had it to do over again heíd do what Jesus did: train 12 men to make disciples. Iíve talked with pastors of huge mega churches who canít tell me if any of their leaders have ever made even one disciple. Hereís what will happen in your church instead:

• Through each one reaching one, your people will be barren no more.
• Theyíll experience first-hand the joy of fruitfulness (John 15).
• Lives of their friends and loved ones transform as Godís Spirit uses them (Romans 12:1-2).
• Organic discipleship will become your new perpetual reality.

Whatís Organic Discipleship?

The great commission applies to every Christian. We are all called to make disciples not just decisions for Christ (Mark 16). And when we are born again we need to be raised again. This is what discipleship is all about. But most of us have never been discipled and few churches have the necessary tools to train people to do that. Thatís why our founder developed a scriptural discipleship training program for his Doctor of Ministry project. It goes far beyond the average baptism and church membership programs:

• It focuses on biblical love, the essence of obedience.
• It explores every biblical passage on discipleship.
• Itís written in reasonable language so even skeptics embrace it.
• It uses intimate small groups to create a safe place where seekers can openly explore their doubts and legitimate questions.

This is a proven system developed over 40 years in all kinds of churches. Over 95% of people who experienced it became dedicated followers of Christ. Most became active in their local church that taught them these exciting principles.

Hereís how this model worked:
• Our founder took five people through Spiritual Growth Retreats to train them to lead intimate small groups and gave them these materials.
• Within a year the five home groups they started grew into a church plant of over 100 people.
• He beta tested his healing workbook for three years to make sure it doesnít just talk about healing; itís a book that actually heals.
• Everyone who used the book as recommended experienced transformational healing.
• Once they experience healing at our Transformational Healing Seminar this gives your people a tool to start Transformational Healing groups under your pastoral care and oversight.

You want results? Our training and events and resources produce God given Transformational Healing and Organic Church Growth. One church had 150 people attend the Transformational Healing Seminar. They started 70 Transformational Healing groups. Another church had 85 people attend. They started a Sunday evening healing service using the biblical tools and methods they learned at the Seminar. This 300 member church grew to 650 in under six months. They had as many as 500 people attending their Sunday evening healing services from 30 to 40 different churches. The pastor said it changed their whole city. But it didnít stop there. They planted two other churches nearby and now have over 1,500 members.

To summarize: 1. Shepherds donít produce sheep, sheep produce sheep.
2. This starts when you use our Transformational Healing Seminar to help your sheep heal so they can produce healthy sheep.
3. Our Spiritual Growth Retreat trains Spiritual Mentors and disciple making home group leaders to create safe, powerful intimate small groups.
4. Our scriptural discipleship materials give them the tools they need to help people make an intelligent informed decision about following Jesus.
5. Our healing workbook enables them to lead small groups so the healing can continue.
6. Our Advanced Retreats help your leaders develop outstanding tools for ongoing spiritual growth, nurture, healing and WonderFull Counseling.
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