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You can also co-sponsor retreats and seminars in your area and earn free tuition or cash. Email us at SunriseRetreats@aol.com for info on that or on or SPIRITUAL MENTORING (Click here: Spiritual Mentoring) or STEP THERAPY (Click here: What is STEP Therapy? ). Email us at SunriseRetreats@aol.com to arrange for a free phone consultation on bringing an event to your area, Spiritual Mentoring or STEP Therapy.

Transformational Healing Seminar Arkansas - $247

Transformational Healing Seminar 2 weeks in Advance Arkansas - For early bird discount of $197.

Transformational Healing Seminar Ohio - $247 - Coming Soon.

Transformational Healing Seminar, Ohio - For early bird discount of $197 - Coming Soon.

Spiritual Growth Retreat - Southern California - Early discount (30 days in advance) - $3,997 - Coming Soon

Those who sign up may also get a discounted copy of Ultimate Breakthrough for just $15 if they buy it when they register.

Ultimate Breakthrough discounted price for event participants - $15 

If you are paying by cash or check, please print out this page and send us this information along with your payment.

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