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Our Founder

Ken R. Unger prepared for most of his life for TIP with degrees in Marketing, Management, Theology and Discipleship. But academic training wasnít enough. Intimate experiential retreats transformed him and he was commissioned to develop similar events for clergy. Since 1980 he designed, conducted and refined biblically based experiential Seminars and Retreats that integrate psychology and theology in practical ways that Transform people, churches, business people and counselors. Professional Counselors say one event is worth a year of therapy.

Ken pastored both mainline and nondenominational churches for 23 years before focusing on writing, publishing and developing his healing retreats. Half the churches he helped doubled in a year or less. One pastor said it transformed his entire city. Ken became a top selling author of Transformational books. Honors include Who's Who among writers and Who's Who in America. His RockSalt radio show received an Angel Award for best religious show in the US on secular radio. He was also appointed to the White House Council on Families.

Our Bonus to You: Free Transformational Stewardship Seminar by a Sage and Selfless Financial Expert

John Carr - Founder & CEO of The Charitable Giving Foundation (CGF) was financially independently by age 27 and retired at age 34 thanks hard work and the mentorship people like Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill and Zig Ziglar with whom he partnered for many years. He decided to work for God and never take a salary. That was 40 years ago. He founded CGF as a nexus between Businesses and Charities. Since then they have generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Churches. Heís offered to help the churches who sponsor our church Transformational Seminar raise the money they will need for expansion or implementation of any of their worthy causes. He will present a free Financial Stewardship Seminar to raise bequests for your church. They average one million dollars in donations for every 50 couples or people who attend. And thatís just the beginning. Only 3% of Christians tithe. Once they understand the great benefits of biblical financial management that number will improve dramatically and your church will have everything it needs to fulfill its mission of expanding the growth of Godís eternal kingdom.

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